Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml Can

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Quick Details
Product Type: Energy Drinks
Primary Ingredient: Caffeine, Taurine


Product: RedBull 250ml Cans
Brand:……………………Red Bull
Product Dimensions:………..32.8 x 21.6 x 13.6 cm
Storage Instructions:………Cool and dry conditions
Serving Recommendation:…….Ice cold straight or as a mixer with alcohol
Packaging Detail: 250ML *24PCS/CTN
24 cans / case
108 cases/ pallet
26 pallets (2808 cases) / 20ft container / half truck load
33 pallets (3564 cases) / 40ft container / 1 truck load
Expiry Date: At least 24 Months from shipment date

63 reviews for Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml Can

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